Achieve Weight Loss with a Gastric Band

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Weight loss can be a struggle. For some people, it is an uphill climb. This may hold true for you if you are excessively overweight. You may attempt to lose weight only to find yourself stuck in one place. Worse yet, your weight may steadily increase year after year. It can get to point that it is really tough to stay motivated. If this describes you, it may be time to consider something more involved to get your weight under control. A gastric band may be the answer.

Consider the Gastric Band to Improve Your Self-Image and Your Health

Living in an overweight body is more than a body image problem. You face serious health risks if you do not bring your weight down. Carrying excess weight can increase your risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. However, you can dramatically reduce those risks if you lower your weight. When traditional weight loss methods like exercise plans and healthy eating aren’t enough, the gastric band can make a difference for you. It will force you to cut back on calories so that your weight comes down quickly. As your weight comes down, you’ll have more motivation to keep on the right path. It will be easier to become more active. As you embrace a healthier lifestyle, you will be able to achieve your goal for a healthier you.

How Does Gastric Band Surgery Work?

During gastric band surgery, our surgeon will use laparoscopy in order to place band made from silicone around the upper portion of your stomach. The band will constrict the size of your stomach, causing you to eat less. This procedure is preferred by many surgeons because it is not making a permanent change to your anatomy. It will help you to get on track with how you eat. You will have to be conscious about portion control. You will also want to pace yourself while you eat. As you lose weight, it will be a learning experience. You will find out how embracing a healthier diet in smaller portions can help you to get the body you want. At the same time, you will also be giving yourself a healthier future.

Talk to Dr. Beltre About Gastric Band Surgery for Weight Loss 

Gastric band surgery could be a solution for weight loss that can improve your life. To find out if this is a step in the right direction, make an appointment to discuss it with Dr. Beltre at the Orlando Center for Metabolic & Obesity Surgery in Maitland. Our physician will evaluate your weight and health. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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