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Polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS, is a medical condition that alters the hormones in adult women. These hormone changes often disrupt a woman’s normal menstruation cycles. It also causes the ovaries to become extremely enlarged after fluid starts to collect around the eggs. These symptoms often lead to serious infertility issues. PCOS usually develops at the same time a woman has her first period, but it can also appear later in life if you have recently gained a lot of weight. Since this condition can cause serious health issues, it is very important to see PCOS treatment as soon as possible.

Causes and Signs of PCOS

Since hormones play a big role in a woman’s body, it is fairly easy to spot the changes caused by PCOS. Your periods may be delayed several days every month. The periods can also be more frequent and heavier than normal. The condition often causes androgen levels in woman’s body to rise dramatically. Since this is normally a male hormone, it can cause serious damage to your body. The main symptoms of increased androgen levels are increased acne, hair growing on the face and chest and thinning hair on the head.

Doctors have not been able to pinpoint an exact cause for PCOS, but most women suffering from the condition have high insulin levels and excessive white blood cells. The increased insulin levels is linked to the increased androgen production. It is believed that the extra white blood cells disrupts the ovaries. This condition often seems to run the same family, so genetics plays a role too.

Treating Your Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Once it has been confirmed that you are dealing with this condition, it is time to start your PCOS treatment. The treatment will be tailored to specifically address the symptoms causing you the most trouble. If you have recently gained a lot of weight, then you will be put on an exercise and diet plan. A small reduction in weight can do wonders when treating PCOS. The weight loss will also make the other forms of treatment more effective.

The rest of your symptoms will be treated using prescription hormone medication. These medications will increase the progestin and estrogen levels in your body. They will also help reduce your body’s production of androgen. Once your hormone levels are back to normal, you will start to have regular menstrual periods. The unwanted hair growth and acne caused by the androgen will disappear too. You may also be forced to take additional medication to help treat the problems with the ovaries. These medications will reduce the fluid around the ovaries, which will make ovulation possible.

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