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Here, we’ve organized some of the most frequently asked questions about surgery, including FAQs about bariatric surgery, how to know if you’re a candidate, and FAQs for before and after surgery.

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Weight Loss Surgery FAQs

Thinking about bariatric surgery but just not sure? Get answers to everything you want to know about bariatric surgery.

Is Weight Loss Surgery Safe?

In this day and age, weight loss surgery is considered very safe.

For example, gastric bypass carries the same risks as a hip replacement. Of course, some procedures carry more potential risks than others. The gastric sleeve or sleeve gastrectomy has the lowest risk of all bariatric procedures.

Risks depend on the patient’s BMI as a higher BMI carries more risks. It is also important to note that comorbidities can affect risks. Diseases and conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, sleep apnea, hyperlipidemia, previous strokes or attacks, and previous abdominal surgeries can add more risk to bariatric surgery.

Risks also depend on the surgeon’s expertise. Dr. Beltre is fellowship trained and has completed thousands of bariatric procedures since 1998 when he first started doing weight loss surgery. Dr. Beltre is the bariatric director of an MBSAQIP-qualified center at Health Central Hospital. To keep qualifications, the program has to report all complications to a national data bank.

Our results have been on par with some of the best-qualified centers in the United States.

Am I A Candidate?

Explore the requirements and characteristics that make you a good candidate for bariatric surgery, including BMI thresholds, the importance of a nutritional and psychological evaluation, and a deep dive into your past weight loss journey.

Best Age for Weight Loss Surgery

How old do you have to be for weight loss surgery? Know when the ideal age for weight loss surgery is to get the most viable results.

Is the Cheaper Option the Better?

When it comes to your health, cheaper might not always be better. Learn why.

Why Is Losing Weight Hard?

There are so many reasons it’s challenging to lose unwanted weight. Here are the top reasons why losing weight is hard.

After Surgery FAQs

Wondering what to expect after weight loss surgery? Here are the most frequently asked questions for after surgery.

Long-Term Support

We’re proud to support our clients long after surgery. Here’s the long-term support you can expect after surgery.

Is Medical Tourism Safe?

It depends. Get expert answers on if you should travel for weight loss surgery.

Why Choose Surgery in Orlando

Whether you live or play in Orlando, you might be thinking about Beltre Bariatrics for your weight loss surgery. Here are all the reasons you should choose surgery in Orlando.

Visiting Orlando

Ready to visit Orlando, Florida! We invite you to one of the most beautiful and exciting places in the U.S. Learn about visiting Orlando.

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