Is the Cheaper Option better?

Are You Really Saving Money with International Surgeries?

For many of us, the instinct to bargain-shop is a strong one. We’re accustomed to scouring the internet for the best deals, waiting for sales to purchase big-ticket items, and joining buying clubs to get steep discounts. And while the urge to bargain-shop is a healthy one, you want to make sure that you are also receiving safe and reliable goods and services while saving money.

There is a critical difference between the quality of surgeries performed internationally (particularly in Mexico and the Caribbean), versus those in the United States. The good news is—you can verify this for yourself, since American medical practices are held to tightly-controlled standards which regulate both the surgical facilities, sanitation, and equipment used, but also the credentials of the surgical staff. Not so abroad—oversight in countries such as Mexico and the Caribbean are not as stringent as those in the US. This allows some medical practices to make misleading claims about their credentials, facilities, and costs. And when it comes to surgical procedures, the consequences of working with a cut-rate surgeon or facility can involve a lasting disfigurement—or even worse.

Some Risks of International Surgeries

  1. How can you tell if your surgeon is qualified? Not all countries have the same rigorous standards of training and licensing as in the United States. Medical practitioners in many parts of the world are relatively un-regulated—meaning they can make erroneous claims about their experience and credentials at will. By selecting Beltre Bariatrics Center for Metabolic and Obesity Surgery in Maitland, Florida—you know for sure that our staff and facilities meet the regulatory standards for the state of Florida. This is because licensing and credentials are a matter of public record and can be easily verified, eliminating the guess-work. Not so in other countries, where medical practitioners may make false claims without consequences.
  2. Is the facility clean? Any successful surgical procedures must be performed with the highest degree of sanitation. Lax hygiene in an operating theatre may result in infection, septicemia, and other serious complications that can be fatal. Without regulations or oversight, an international surgical center may appear to be hygienic in its promotional materials, while the reality is very different. At Beltre Bariatrics Center for Metabolic and Obesity Surgery, we are a licensed and accredited surgical center, and are held to the highest standard of performance and sanitation by the state of Florida.
  3. Are there hidden costs? While international surgeries may seem attractively priced, there are often hidden costs. For example—you may receive an estimate for a surgery that does not include anesthesia or use of surgical facilities. So, while your surgery may seem inexpensive, the hidden costs can add up, making the international option nearly as expensive as a high-quality surgical procedure in a reliable, accredited facility in the United States. At Beltre Bariatrics Center for Metabolic and Obesity Surgery, we will outline all costs and fees in your initial estimate, so there will be no last-minute financial surprises.
  4. What if there are complications? With the lack of regulation in international surgical centers also comes a lack of legal and financial accountability. This means that if something goes wrong with your surgery—if the results are not adequate, or if the surgeon caused damage or disfigurement during your procedure—it is very difficult to hold the surgical center accountable. Not so in the United States. At Beltre Bariatrics Center for Metabolic and Obesity Surgery, we pride ourselves in achieving optimal levels of customer satisfaction, and have insurance coverage to ensure that our surgical practice will stand by you in the unlikely event that complications should arise. Dr. Beltre will take the time to discuss any possible complications beforehand, outlining the risks and solutions to each possibility.
  5. What if you have questions after your procedure? Most international surgeries are just that—nothing more than surgery. You should not expect to receive any follow-up or guidance from an international surgical center as you recover from your procedure, and continue with your weight-loss program. Because diet and exercise are critical components of long-term weight-loss success, post-surgical support is critically important to making your bariatric surgery a lasting success.

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Board certified surgeon Dr. Wiljon Beltre at Beltre Bariatrics Center for Metabolic and Obesity Surgery in Maitland, Florida (neighboring Orlando, FL) has made it his life’s passion to help individuals like you achieve their weight loss goals safely and successfully. Whether you have come from central Florida or traveled half-way—or even all the way—across the country, our goal is offer a weight loss surgery option that is as safe, as effective, and as affordable as we can possibly make it.

Significant, long-term, successful weight loss is not easy. Even with the help of metabolic surgery, losing the weight and keeping it off requires a life-long commitment to serious lifestyle changes and hard work. But with the help of Dr. Beltre and our dedicated team of caring, experienced specialists, success is possible!

If you believe a sleeve gastrectomy is right for you, or would like to learn more about other metabolic surgery options available at Beltre Bariatrics Center for Metabolic and Obesity Surgery, we encourage you to contact our office to start the process today!

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