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Excess weight and obesity can alter the body’s metabolism and hormonal balance, and may result in a metabolic syndrome. This can contribute to serious medical conditions such as hypertension, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Research has now shown that metabolic syndrome can be effectively addressed with bariatric surgery.

Advanced weight loss surgery procedures can lead to an increase in metabolism and cause a release of powerful intestinal hormones. The release of hormones can potentially send metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes into remission. Within days of the metabolic procedure, many patients may no longer need diabetes medication.

Dr. Wiljon Beltre is a judicious, board certified, and fellowship trained bariatric surgeon providing cutting edge surgical techniques as a solution to the problems of metablic syndrome and type 2 diabetes. Dr. Beltre provides weight loss surgery to patients in Orlando, Tampa, Maitland, Central Florida, and surrounding communities in this part of the southeast.


Metabolic Surgeries

Advancements in laparoscopic metabolic surgeries such as gastric bypass, and more recently, sleeve gastrectomy, have created safe and medically viable treatment options for type 2 diabetes. At a fundamental level, these procedures help a patient to achieve substantial weight loss by creating a smaller stomach. But this is not all.

Metabolic surgeries, particularly gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy, also change the way the body processes food, resulting in some key changes:


Increased Metabolism

Hormonal changes following a metabolic surgery will kick-start the patient’s metabolism. This will allow their body to burn calories more efficiently. Once the patient adopts positive lifestyle changes such as a balanced diet and regular exercise, they will experience a greater impact of these efforts.


Controlled Appetite

Bariatric surgery can lead to significant reduction in hunger by preventing the body from producing intestinal hormones such as Ghrelin, which are related to appetite control. Therefore, the patient eats less and healthier without any extreme effort.  


Insulin Production

The metabolic changes induced by these procedures enable the patient’s body to produce insulin in a natural way. This allows the body to restore its ability to process glucose and naturally bring the blood sugar levels under control. Type 2 diabetes is effectively reversed with this process.



Results of advanced metabolic surgeries are highly encouraging in the efforts to address type 2 diabetes. The hormonal changes triggered by the surgery can send type 2 diabetes into remission within days of the surgery. The results are, in fact, so remarkable with this treatment approach that bariatric surgeons like Dr. Beltre advise their patients to avoid using diabetes medications until they have checked their blood sugar level.

These procedures put a stop to type 2 diabetes so rapidly that the patient may not require these medications by the time they get home from the hospital after the surgery. Innovative laparoscopic techniques have made the procedures safer and more effective. Patients with type 2 diabetes can have a real opportunity to enjoy a lighter, healthier and energetic lifestyle.

Fantastic and innovative bariatric surgeon Dr. Beltre receives patients from Orlando, Tampa, Maitland, Central Florida, and other neighborhoods and communities across the landscape.

Important Note: If the weight is regained, diabetes and other conditions could return.

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Important Note: If the weight is regained, diabetes and other conditions could return.

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