Joining a Weight Loss Program After Bariatric Surgery

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After a great deal of consideration, you have undergone bariatric surgery. This is a major decision and important step in the weight loss process. Bariatric surgery is typically recommended for those who are considered obese to the point that their health is at risk. If you are obese and have an underlying medical condition, you have even more reason to take control of your weight and join a weight loss program.

Bariatric Surgery Doesn’t Teach You New Eating Habits

Bariatric surgery will change your body and target your digestive system. It will make it more difficult to eat the quantities that you did before. That doesn’t mean it will stop you from eating things that you shouldn’t. In the very beginning, you will have a liquid diet. This usually lasts for about two weeks. Even when you are limited to liquids, you will need to restrict yourself to a few sips at a time followed by a period of waiting. You will need to learn to eat or drink small amounts at a slow pace. It’s the only way your stomach will be able to process what you have eaten. Over time, you will gradually be able to add soft foods and foods that are blended. It is recommended to keep your calories at about 1000 for the first six months. In that time, you will need to choose foods that do not contain sugar or caffeine. Finding foods that are easy to digest is a must. It can be overwhelming when you are on your own. A weight loss program will help you to take a team approach as you continue on the path to your goal weight.

A Weight Loss Program Will Give You the Support You Need After Bariatric Surgery

Now that your surgery is over and you are on your own, sign up for a weight loss program. You will get help in choosing a diet that is designed to enhance the results of your surgery. You will have recommendations for what you can eat at each stage of recovery, meals suggestions, and calorie recommendations. You will also check in regularly to track your progress.

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