Body Contouring Cost after Major Weight Loss

A safe, astute, and effective way to achieve major weight loss is through bariatric surgery. However, one of the challenges that a patient may face after achieving a massive weight loss is the appearance of loose and sagging skin in some areas of the body. This can create an unsightly look, and make a person feel older or unattractive.

This condition can be corrected with a body contouring procedure such as body lift surgery. During the consultation process, the body contouring cosmetic surgeon will discuss all aspects of the procedure, including its estimated costs. Experienced bariatric surgeon Dr. Wiljon Beltre provides weight loss procedures to patients in Orlando, Tampa, Maitland, Central Florida, and other cities and neighborhoods in this part of north central Florida.


Cost Factors

The dollar amount of body contouring following bariatric surgery can vary from one patient to another. Some of the key factors that will influence the actual costs may include:


Size of the Affected Areas

Loose and hanging skin may occur in certain areas, depending on the patient’s skin elasticity and original fat tissue deposits in a particular area. The cost of body contouring surgery will be higher if multiple areas are involved, and the surface areas are larger. These may include the abdomen, hips, thighs, breasts back or upper arms. If the areas requiring contouring are smaller, such as the neck, knees, ankles and calves, the costs of surgery may be lower.


Number of Procedures

Some patients may require only body lift surgery in the lower body areas, while some others may require tummy tuck surgery, breast lift surgery, or face and neck lift procedures. The procedures may sometimes be performed together to achieve harmonious outcomes. The overall cost will vary depending on the type of procedure or the number of procedures performed.


Body and Skin Type

Each patient has a different body type and skin type, which will have different types of body contouring needs. Patients with a larger body type may have to bear slightly higher costs of body contouring.


Choice of Surgical Technique

Body contouring procedures may be performed using traditional surgery or with the help of advanced techniques such as laser or ultrasound devices. The monetary costs to the patient can vary depending on the type of technique used.


Cost Components

To have a correct estimate of costs, the patient should consider all the cost components of body contouring surgery. These may include:

  • Anesthesia costs
  • Surgical facility costs
  • Pre- and post-operative medical tests
  • Compression garment
  • Prescription drugs
  • Post-surgical appointments with the surgeon


Investing in Quality

The patient should ideally choose an experienced bariatric surgeon as well as a qualified plastic surgeon for weight loss and body contouring procedures. The costs will be quickly forgotten, but the aesthetic and health outcomes will stay with the patient for a long time, and will contribute to their quality of life. Dr. Beltre receives patients from Orlando, Tampa, Maitland, Central Florida, and nearby areas for weight loss procedures.Important Note: If the weight is regained, diabetes and other conditions could return.

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