Diabetes Surgery Overview

Diabetes Surgery Overview

In many cases, metabolic and bariatric surgery can stop diabetes type 2 in a matter of days. Advanced laparoscopic metabolic surgery procedures such as sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass can improve metabolism and leading to removal of certain powerful hormones. Once these hormones are removed, type 2 diabetes can be effectively eliminated.

Within days of their metabolic procedure, most type 2 diabetes patients will discover that they no longer require their medications to manage the disease. Dr. Wiljon Beltre is a board certified and fellowship trained bariatric surgeon providing cutting edge surgical procedures to address type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Dr. Beltre receives patients from Orlando, Tampa, Maitland, Central Florida, and surrounding communities.

Type 2 Diabetes Overview

Type 2 diabetes hampers the natural production of insulin in the body, and progressively increases insulin resistance. Therefore, patients of type 2 diabetes have to depend on medications and even injections of insulin to maintain safe blood sugar levels in the body.

If the patient can lose excess weight and fat around the abdominal area, it will help to minimize or eliminate type 2 diabetes. However, this can be a challenge for many people, particularly if the fat tissue becomes stubborn and resistant to diet and exercise. Metabolic and bariatric surgery is a scientifically proven and effective solution in such cases.

Surgical Treatment

Advanced and innovative laparoscopic metabolic surgeries such as gastric bypass, and more recently, sleeve gastrectomy, have been established as safe, medically viable treatment options for type 2 diabetes. At a very basic level, the surgical procedure will help the patient to achieve rapid and significant weight loss, reducing the urge for caloric intake, and shifting the focus towards healthier foods.

At a more complex level, metabolic procedures such as gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy will alter the way the body processes food, and will lead to various unique benefits that directly and indirectly address conditions such as type 2 diabetes. As an experienced bariatric surgeon, Dr. Beltre provides these surgical procedures to patients in Orlando, Tampa, Maitland, Central Florida, and nearby areas.


These metabolic surgeries provide the following benefits to help in the treatment of type 2 diabetes:

Metabolism Increase

The surgery will lead to a favorable hormonal change and accelerate metabolism. This will enable the body to burn calories more efficiently, allowing lifestyle changes to deliver more impact.

Appetite Control

Appetite control is governed by intestinal hormones such as Ghrelin. With a metabolic procedure, it is possible to reduce hunger significantly by preventing the body from producing these hormones. As a result, the patient will tend to eat less naturally, without having to go on a forced dieting program.

Insulin Production

The metabolic changes induced by these surgical procedures will allow the body to produce insulin naturally. The body will once again begin to process glucose correctly, which will bring the blood sugar within normal levels in a normal way. This will effectively reverse the condition of type 2 diabetes, and the results can be noticed within days of the surgery.

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Please note: If the weight is regained, the diabetes could come back.

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