Have you seen the headlines “Affordable Bariatric Surgery in Mexico”?

Real life examples of why that is a VERY BAD IDEA

Safe, affordable bariatric surgery alternative , in the US, by a Board Certified Surgeon.

First, I’ll let these articles explain why bariatric surgery performed in unregulated countries by “surgeons” that are not board certified can be very unsafe and even deadly:

ABC News: Dozens injured during weight loss surgery in Mexico. “I could have died”.

The family of a San Diego woman who went in for weight loss surgery in Mexico and ended up in a coma is desperate for answers, and dozens more say they have been seriously injured by a doctor at the same hospital. Read more

Dozens injured during weight loss surgery in Mexico

ABC News: 4th patient to die following weight loss surgery in Tijuana, Mexico booked by Florida company

We found more than a dozen patients who have complained of knicked spleens, holes in their stomachs, or severe health complications.  And they all have one thing in common. They all used weightlossagents.com (an online booking company based in Florida outside of Miami) and had surgery in Tijuana with Dr. Almanza. Read more

CTV News: Mother has spent two years in the hospital recovering from “quickie” weight loss surgery she had done in Mexico

Just a few days after returning from Mexico, Woods developed an infection and suffered multiple complications as a result of her surgery. “My stomach was leaking into my body and I was really swollen and very, very sick,” Wood said. Read more.

Cosmopolitan.com: 29-Year-Old Woman Died After Botched Cosmetic Surgery in Mexico

The family of a 29-year-old woman who flew to Mexico for plastic surgery and died shortly after the operation is calling for more stringent regulations and warning people against traveling overseas for plastic surgery, News7 reports.  Read more

American Society of Plastic Surgeons: Proceed With Caution When Having Surgery Abroad

The clinics performing cosmetic procedures in countries such as Mexico, the Philippines and the Dominican Republic, do not adhere to the same strict safety standards as required in the U.S. This may lead to higher complication rates and often times less than desirable surgical outcomes. Read more

What is an affordable, safe option for you?

(in the USA by a Board Certified Surgeon):

Our gastric sleeve self pay program is optimal for individuals who do not have insurance coverage or choose not to utilize their insurance to cover their weight loss surgery. The self pay option is only available for patients who qualify for outpatient surgery. Patients who require an extended hospital stay before and/or after will not qualify for this specific self pay program, and should discuss other financial options with Dr. Beltre’s helpful staff.

For most patients, the fee for outpatient gastric sleeve surgery will be $11,500.00, although the specific cost for each patient may vary somewhat depending on the specific medical concerns for each patient. At your preliminary consultation, Dr. Beltre and his staff will provide you with a detailed cost estimate to ensure that you fully understand your fee and what it includes.

The base fee includes the cost for the anesthesia, the cost of the surgery center and the surgery itself. It also includes all necessary follow up visits with Dr. Beltre after surgery, as well as participation in Dr. Beltre’s regular and on-going weight loss support meetings.


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