Is a Gastric Sleeve in Orlando Right for You?

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You are a resident of the Orlando area, and nothing you’ve tried has let you lose enough weight to reach what’s ideal for your age and height. Not only this, but your weight is contributing to other health issues such as sleep apnea and even diabetes. It seems as if your own body doesn’t want you to lose weight. What can be done? One option is weight loss, or bariatric surgery. A popular type of weight loss surgery is gastric sleeve, or sleeve gastrectomy.

Is Gastric Sleeve Right for You?

Like other bariatric surgeries, the gastric sleeve works by restricting the amount of food you can eat at one time. The surgery is done laparoscopically, which means that tiny openings are made in the abdomen instead and of one large opening. These openings make it possible for the doctor to insert miniaturized tools and a small camera that communicates with a video monitor.

During the surgery, the doctor removes most of the stomach, which leaves a pouch that looks like a sleeve. After the instruments are inserted, the doctor lifts the liver away from the stomach then inserts a tube into the stomach to make sure that the right amount is left to form the sleeve.

Long-Term Results of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Medical experts claim that people who’ve had gastric sleeve surgery can lose a majority of their unwanted weight, and they lose even more if they stick to a good diet and exercise regularly. If they keep up these lifestyle changes, patients can maintain their weight loss.

One of the benefits of gastric sleeve surgery is that you can comfortably eat foods that might cause problems if you’d had a more complex surgery such as gastric bypass. Because the amount of ghrelin your body produces is much lower, you’re hungry much less often. If you have diabetes, you may find that you either have less need for medicines that keep your condition under control, or your diabetes is resolved.

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