Is Surgical Weight Loss Right for You?

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You never meant for your weight to get so far out of control. Your situation is beyond simply approaching a problem with minor obesity, it is a situation where you are in desperate need of losing weight before you start experiencing the ill effects of being morbidly obese. If you do nothing to change your situation, that pain you are feeling in your feet, ankles and your knees is only going to get worse. Sure, you have entertained diet and exercise from time to time, but you have never been serious enough to stick with these recommendations long-term for how to get your body back to a manageable weight. Refusing to stick with such recommendations has led to a situation where surgical weight loss may be your only hope. But, are you right for this medical option?

You May Need Food Addiction Counselling

Before our doctor believes it will be safe for you to go ahead with weight loss surgery, they may feel that you are too large to perform surgery safely. In this situation, you need all the help and support you can get to do your part to get down to a safe weight to make a surgical weight loss option a viable option in your situation. In order to help you reach this goal, you really need to consider working with a food addiction counsellor, or at the very least make some serious lifestyle changes.

It is at this point that you have to make one of the toughest decisions of your life. Either you work with a professional and get a handle on your food addiction and improve your chances for weight loss surgery, or you risk making your situation worse. Continuing to spiral out of control never leads to a healthy outcome, and in most cases, it leads to serious injury and death. But, doing what is right for your medical situation always gives you a better chance of conquering your obesity problem.

Moving Forward with Surgery

If you are at a low enough weight where weight loss surgery is safe to perform, then by all means it is best for you to take whatever measures are necessary to get your weight down to a more manageable state. It is important to remember that weight loss surgery is not a magic pill. After you have received weight loss surgery, you will still have to work hard to keep your weight under control by cutting calories and continuing to exercise to shed unwanted pounds. If you think you are ready to face these challenges and come through this process as a winner, then call The Center for Metabolic and Obesity Surgery to speak with a doctor about how surgical weight loss can help you take control of your weight once again. We are conveniently located in Maitland. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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