Lap Band Revision

Weight loss surgeries such as laparoscopic gastric band surgery are safe and predictable as long as the procedure is performed by a fully trained and experienced bariatric surgery expert.

Patients can expect to achieve their weight loss goals without any significant complications. However, experienced surgeons may sometimes receive cases where the patient was not satisfied with their primary lap band surgery received elsewhere.

In such cases, the surgeon may have to perform a lap band revision, which is a procedure performed with the goal to correct or alter the previous lap band surgery. Focused and proven bariatric surgeon Dr. Wiljon Beltre provides lap band revision to patients in Orlando, Tampa, Maitland, Central Florida, and surrounding locations in The Sunshine State.


More Complex Procedure

While sometimes the revision lap band procedure may only involve minor corrections to resolve the complications arising from the primary surgery, for many patients a successful lap band revision bariatric surgery may require the implementation of a completely different surgical solution.

Revision surgery is usually more complex and technically challenging than the original weight loss surgery. Therefore, it is vital for a patient to choose a surgeon who is experienced in performing such revision procedures with safe and predictable results.


Types of Revision Surgeries

Dr. Beltre provides a range of revision procedures aimed at correcting any complications or dissatisfaction stemming from the original surgical attempts. These include:

  • Removal of gastric band
  • Conversion of gastric band to gastric bypass
  • Conversion of gastric band to sleeve gastrectomy
  • Conversion of traditional gastric bypass to a distal gastric bypass for additional weight loss
  • Conversion of sleeve gastrectomy to gastric bypass
  • Band over bypass

Dr. Beltre will carefully assess the current anatomical condition of the patient, examine the previous surgery records and patient’s health status, and understand the problems that the patient may be experiencing after the surgery. Based on this evaluation, he will create a customized lap band revision surgery plan to achieve targeted corrective results.

To minimize the risks involved in a revision surgery, Dr. Beltre will provide detailed guidelines to the patient to implement vital lifestyle changes necessary to achieve success with the revision surgery. He will help the patient follow a healthy diet and fitness regimen, and encourage them to maintain a relationship with an ongoing support network to achieve the best possible final results.


Need for Revision Lap Band Surgery

Although in a few cases, the surgery’s mechanical failure or other medical reasons may be responsible for an unsuccessful primary surgery, but more commonly, patients seek a revision procedure due to weight gain. One in 10 patients on average may fail to lose the desired amount of weight or may start regaining weight after bariatric surgery.

This may happen because the original surgery did not correctly address the patient’s unique metabolic needs, or the patient could not maintain the critical lifestyle changes. Dr. Beltre will closely work with the patient to address these concerns. Fabulous and prudent bariatric surgeon Dr. Beltre receives patients from Orlando, Tampa, Maitland, Central Florida, and nearby areas in the growing and powerful state of Florida for lap band revision surgery.

Important Note: If the weight is regained, diabetes and other conditions could return.

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