Revision Bariatric Surgery Recovery

Revision Bariatric Surgery Recovery

Recovery is a key part of bariatric surgery as well as revision bariatric surgery procedures to ensure complete and lasting success of the operation. Board certified surgeon, Dr. Wiljon Beltre and his professional team at the Center for Metabolic and Obesity Surgery make sure that a patient receives the best recovery instructions, support and guidance. Dr. Beltre receives patients from Orlando, Tampa, Maitland, Central Florida, and surrounding communities.

Immediate Recovery Period

As the bariatric surgeon completes the procedure, the patient is taken to a recovery room for observation. Once the patient has stabilized, they are sent to the nursing unit. If any complications arise during this immediate period, a post-op correction may be performed in intensive care. However, in most cases, the patient will stabilize without any serious complications.

Depending on the extent of surgery and the type of procedure performed, the patient may have to stay in the hospital for about two to five days. During this period the vital signs will be monitored and the nursing staff will encourage the patient to perform mild leg exercise and movement to speed up recovery. Pain medications are provided during this period to keep the patient comfortable.

Recovery at Home

Most patients will need to take at least one to weeks off from work to ensure safe recovery following revision bariatric surgery. Some patients may return to work earlier than two weeks, but may have to press the button for less strenuous tasks for a few days. The patient will have to avoid lifting weights heavier than 25 pounds for at least a month following the surgery.

Wound Care

Following the revision procedure, the patient will have small incisions in the abdominal area covered by steri strips. Showering can begin 24 hours after the surgery. Soapy water may run over the incisions, but steri strips should be left intact until they get removed on their own. Patient should contact a bariatric surgeon in case of any redness, increased tenderness, high fever, abnormal swelling, uncontrolled bleeding, or discharge at the incision site.

Sleeping and Exercise

The patient may choose their comfortable sleeping position, but many patients will need pain medication before sleeping time in the first few days to have a better sleep. Dr. Beltre recommends his patients in Orlando, Tampa, Maitland, Central Florida, and nearby areas to sleep as needed in their regular position.

For best recovery, the new exercise routine and basic household activities should start immediately. Tiredness will occur frequently in the beginning, but as the healing improves, exercise will get progressively easier. Exercise is one of the most essential and pivotal aspects of a healthy recovery following bariatric and revision bariatric surgery.

Contacting the Surgeon

In case of any unexplained severe symptoms, the patient should immediately go the Emergency Room or get in touch with the surgeon for advice. Serious symptoms may include chest pain, blood streaked cough and sputum, rapid breathing, rapid heart rate, or shortness of breath. Patients who follow the surgeon’s instructions will improve their chances of a safe and quick recovery.

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Please note: If the weight is regained, diabetes and other conditions could return.

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