Three Reasons Your Weight Loss Has Plateaued and What to Do Now

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Achieving a weight loss goal can be hard, especially if you have a significant amount to lose.

While sticking to a healthy diet and regular exercise are great options for a long-term healthy lifestyle, they are not always enough to lose the weight you need for a healthy BMI or reduce symptoms of an obesity-related health condition.

While weight may seem to drop quickly during the initial stages of weight loss, at some point, most people reach a level where weight doesn’t seem to reduce as quickly. This is known as a “weight loss plateau” and affects nearly everyone to some degree during an active weight-loss-focused lifestyle.

Whether you’re struggling with excess weight, trying hard to lose it with no significant results, or have hit a plateau, our experienced weight loss team at Beltre Bariatrics is here to get to the bottom of your weight-related issues with a whole-body approach.

Three Reasons Why My Weight Loss Has Plateaued

There are various reasons you may experience a weight loss plateau. Let’s explore the top three possibilities in further detail.

1.  Extra calories sneak back into your diet.

The most effective way to lose weight is by cutting calories, especially in the early stages of your weight loss journey. While sticking to a strict diet and exercise feels more regimented in the beginning, you may be letting things slide a bit more as the months go on. If you notice adding additional calories to your day, consider cutting back on them.

Even if a handful of nuts here or an extra bite of your favorite dessert can add up to 500 extra calories to your day. The best way to remedy this plateau issue is to weigh your foods and keep track of all calories consumed.

2.  Your metabolism slows down.

Weight loss is a combination of fat and muscle loss. The more muscle you have throughout your body, the easiest it is to burn calories. When you reduce your muscle mass, your calories burned decrease too.

While focusing on counting calories and getting your steps in, consider adding a weight training program to your overall health journey to help you maintain muscle mass for effective calorie burn.

3.  Your weight loss approach and goal aren’t realistic.

Although losing a significant amount of weight could be a realistic long-term goal, it is not a practical short-term goal. If you’ve tailored your current weight loss plan around losing a lot of weight fast, it may not benefit your health and overall weight loss.

It is a good rule of thumb to lose between 0.5 to 2 pounds per week. Talor your calorie goal and workout plan around that instead of basing it on a larger, more long-term number.

Effective Ways to Push Past a Weight Loss Plateau

No matter what is causing your plateau, there are various effective ways to help push past it and continue losing the weight you envision.

Some of the best ways to break a weight loss plateau include

  • cutting back on carbohydrates and refined sugars
  • increasing your exercise frequency
  • changing up your workout routine
  • increasing your protein consumption
  • managing stress
  • getting a good night’s sleep
  • nixing alcohol
  • adding more fiber to your diet
  • increasing your water intake

If you have a significant amount of weight to lose, weight loss surgery may be the best way to help you break your weight loss plateau and lose the weight you need sooner.

Before you begin a weight loss regimen, you must speak with your healthcare provider to determine the best route for your unique health and weight loss needs and goals.

Comprehensive Options for Rapid Weight Loss

If you’ve been living with a weight loss plateau or are struggling to lose weight in general, we can help.

Beltre Bariatrics offers a variety of weight loss options to help you lose weight and keep it off.

With proven effects of significantly decreasing your body weight and alleviating other obesity-related health conditions, weight loss surgery can positively impact your life.

Contact our team of bariatric experts today to schedule a free consultation and determine if weight loss surgery is right for you.

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