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Weight Loss Surgery 

shutterstock_131191718Recovery in case of weight loss bariatric surgery will vary from one patient to another, depending on the type and extent of surgery performed and the individual healing capacity of a patient. An experienced surgeon will discuss the recovery aspect in detail during the initial consultation.

Dr. Wiljon W. Beltre is a leading bariatric surgeon providing weight loss surgery procedures. Dr. Beltre recommends that patients should closely follow the surgeon’s instructions for the post-op recovery phase to achieve best results. He receives patients from Orlando, Tampa, Maitland, Central Florida, and surrounding communities.

Initial Recovery Phase

Following the bariatric surgery procedure, the patient will be taken to the recovery room in the hospital for monitoring of the respiratory status and other vital signs. Once the patient’s stable condition is determine, they will be sent to the nursing unit. In the event of a concern with the vital signs of respiration, the patient may be sent to the surgical intensive care unit.

Many patients report of pressure in the abdominal area during the immediate recovery phase, which is a normal occurrence. In most cases, the patients are required to stay in the hospital for about two to five days, depending on the type of weight loss procedure performed, patient’s medical history, and specific complications or risks.

The patient will be given pain medications during the hospital stay, and will have to be on a diet of clear liquids initially. Once the patient starts ingesting pureed foods without vomiting, they could be ready to return home. Patients in Orlando, Tampa, Maitland, Central Florida, and nearby locations may discuss the recovery and other issues related to weight loss surgery with Dr. Beltre, who is a well-known bariatric surgeon.

Recovery at Home

The patient should ideally plan to take one to two weeks off from work following the weight loss surgery. If it is necessary for a patient to return to work earlier than two weeks, it is advisable to start with a less-than-full-time work schedule, and gradually return to a full routine. Permission should be taken from the employer to eat meals at work slowly to ensure good digestion.

Without exception, a patient should not lift weight heavier than 25 lbs. for at least four weeks. Showering can be started 24 hours after surgery. The patient may run soapy water over the incisions and dry them gently when done. Steri strips should be left untouched, and they will eventually fall off on their own.

Other Activities

The patient may sleep in any comfortable position after returning home. Many patients usually find it painful to sleep on their stomach in the first few days. The new exercise routine and daily household activities should begin immediately. Initially, it is going to be tiresome, but it is an important part of the recovery process.

As the healing process progresses, the patient will start losing weight. Exercise will support the process and gradually the tiredness will be reduced. Exercise can begin with walking, and more exercises can be added to it over time.

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Please note: If the weight is regained, diabetes and other conditions could return.

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